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Headquarters (1 TN)
Elevation: 1462 feet (446 m)
35 41 16.1 N 83 32 05.3 W
(GPS measured 2000-11-18 +/- 2.5m ele 449m)
Excursion date: 1998-01-26

[Image: Benchmark]


Because of some stupidity involving jumping over a tree when one ankle was hurt, subsequently hurting the other ankle in a poor landing, I was still hobbling around in pain at this point. Wait, that was another, unsuccessful (small wonder) trip. This excursion was quite successful, sort of.

The day began as I went to the Schoolhouse Gap trailhead, trying to locate a benchmark. No luck there. No luck either at a site along the Little River Road or at Metcalf Bottoms. At this point, I was feeling rather dejected, and the daylight was waning. A little after 1500 I arrived at Sugarlands and parked in a pull-off near the trailhead.

Benchmarks are easy to walk by, I found out.


[Image: View toward road (benchmark lower left)
View toward road (benchmark lower left)
[Image: View toward trailheads (benchmark lower right)
View toward trailheads (benchmark lower right)

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